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Stainless Steel Negative Ion Energy Thermos


  • Model No: MA-35
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

"Wo House anion energy health thermos is Japan a high purity stainless steel SUS316 made​​, but also as a medical equipment grade stainless steel and special metal components in the normal raw material when no suction magnetic, and then processedpull behind the metal atoms are arranged subject to change, will produce a weak magnetic suction effect, which is a normal phenomenon, but did not change the composition of the stability of the metal itself, it can be at ease to use (general market ubiquitous thermos, begin with the SUS201mostly stainless steel, a very small number of well-known brands is based on cost considerations, the thermos is also limited to SUS304 (18-8) made ​​of stainless steel), so Taihe Kobo thermos on the requirements of quality and materials, appearance and function, is definitely the industry's firstthe highest standards.

SUS316 (18-10-2) of 18% chromium, 10% nickel, 2% molybdenum, and iron, slightly higher nickel content, acid, anti-corrosion properties than SUS304, adding molybdenum to make it to the chloride ion more resistant to attack, so the common market of luxury watches, most of SUS316 stainless steel, the disadvantage is higher cost.

Specification :

[Early] nn レ SUS316 su Te su stainless steel
With insulation, cold insulation, anti-hot, mouth spill-proof, acid, corrosion and oxidation resistant anion energy design of thermos
The most senior body of stainless steel system, requiring the highest insulation effect, to show the most elegant and beautiful design, so that you feel is best to drink soft texture and hidden infinite magic.


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