Shing Yang Shing Industrial CO., LTD.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Founded in 1991, Shing Yang Shing Industrial Corporation is the manufacturer of filtration products.
Thriving on helping customers protect the environment, we provide clear environmental benefits and enable customers to purify and conserve liquids such as water, fossil oil, and medicine, and drinks. With the honesty, high productivity and efficiency, we believe that we can meet the diversity needs in the whole filtration industry. Our eco-friendly products include liquid filter housing, filter bag housing, filter cartridge housing RO membrane and filtration accessories. We provide not only own-brand products, but also OEM and ODM services for customers to fit the various needs. By doing so we’re helping to make our environment greener and better every day.

Main Products

we provide housing, water treatment, waste water treatment, water system, water treatment system, RO, reverse osmosis system, filter housing, cartridge, stainless steel housing, liquid treatment, liquid treatment sysment, bag filter housing.