Auto Sensor LED Bulb ,PIR LED Bulb

No.58-6,Donglong Rd., LongTan Township, Taoyuan Hsien 32571, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Torch Industrial co., Ltd. was established in 1995. Mr. Chen as General Manager with his expertise and passion developing different kinds of products.

Keeping in mind the environment to save the EARTH, he developed the new product Auto Sensor LED bulb with PIR being an efficient product which saves energy and avoids wastage of resources in 2004. Thus humans coexist with the earth for generations.

Main Products

Our main product- Combing PIR & LED.
1. Install easily.
2. Suitable for balcony、staircase、elevator、garage、emergency exit、the aged room、dressing room、bathroom、lavatory ...etc.
3. Location Display-closet、department store、school、apartment、gym、building ...etc.
5. Function day/night option、timing adjustment、angle view adjustment ...etc.
6. Patent in U.S.A、Japan、Taiwan、Mainland China、India、Russia、Germany、UK、France、Italy、Brazil、South Africa、Arabic related nations, other countries patent pending.