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Tunnel-Type Washing Drying & Sterilizing Machine


  • Model No: APWT-600/ 300
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

(A) Washing machine:
* Feed station with table a broad loop-linked conveyor belt transports the vials or bottles
* Ultrasonic washing
* Cleaning and treating part with indexed forward motion, split up into various zones and respective stations for inside and outside sprays/ treating
* Suitable for the most different cleaning and treating media as well as for inside siliconizing
* The clear-cut separation of infeed and outfeed sides makes them according to the GMP regulations
* Without problem they can be directly connected to a drying or sterilizing tunnel, or they can work as independent units

(B) Drying Tunnel & sterilizing tunnel:
* The general temperature is 260℃(operation) maximum operating temperature is 320℃
* HEPA filter efficiency is (DOP test. 99.97%)
* The drying and sterilizing according to the radiation principle offer the advantage of greatest functional safety and economic operation

(C) Cooling system
* Cooling air pass through HEPA filter before into the working zones
* Conveyor speeds are matching with the washer drying and sterilizing tunnel

Specification :

conveyor widthelectrical poweroutside dimensions
APWT-6007000-90006003.1kw1000 x 1550 x 2850
APWT-3007000-30003102.9kw710 x 1550 x 2850

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