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Company Information

Company Introduction :

We have been the agent of ETC Europe Group since we established in 1984. The ETC Europe Group covers Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, & Belgium. The other customers to whom we offer our trading service located in those areas such as: Japan, France, G.B. and America.
In the past 18 years, our Management Philosophy is to fulfill our commitment to our customers, which is based on several principles:
Long-lasting relationship, it has been creating between we and our customers. Our customers?specific market requirements are taken care of. We coordinate with the manufacturers to make sure our customers? required products to be as ordered. We are a responsible between-man and a strong back up to our customers by supplying our customers the right products with good prices.

Quality Control first, through inspection system of pre-production inspection, on-line inspection, pre-shipment final inspection, from lead time and spec. of raw material to size test ; heat treatment test; safety test such as torque, pulling, loading, anti-breaking, gripping, cutting ability; durability test; comfort test; drop test, Quality Control is executed strictly. We keep a wide and overall attention.
Many products are internationally quality assured such as UL, CE, CAS, GS, E-mark, T-mark; international norms such as ANSI, DIN, BS, EN, JIS, SAA, CNS.

Chinese-cultural spirit, Confucius the Way of Golden Mean, Chuang Tsu’s Cosmic Harmony derives true social harmony, make we people amicable, peaceful, stable and efficient. The cultural heritage of Chinese ancestors is getting along well with the modern technology in our company.

Customers service, our documentation operation is completely computerized. From quotation, shipping, negotiation, to after-service, from response to inquiries.
Our work of artwork design and printing is computer-aided (CAD) with high quality performance.

We treat our customers as our honorable guests and trusty friends. Our customers feel our warmth and friendship to them. They make return their friendship to us delightfully. We together make business prosperously growing.

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Main Products :

1. professional pneumatic power handtools- air impact wrenches, air ratchet wrenches, air grinder & cut off tools, air hammers, air drills.
2. special electric tools- motor-operated biscuit jointer, electric screw driver, cordless drill, battery-powered impact wrench, router table, angle grinder, band saws, bench grinder, power winch, electric hoists, hot air gun, impact drill, jig saws, marble tile cutter, mitre saw, planer, polisher, reciprocating saws, metal working machine, router, belt sander, palm and rotary sanders, table mitre saws.
3. garden tools- hedge shear, anvil pattern loppers, pruning shears, grass shears, spray wand and oscillating/ impulse sprinklers, hose reels, triggler nozzle, soaker hose, hand pull reel mower, chain saw.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
President : Mr. Zhuang Hui Mine
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Trade Term : FOB ( Port: ** )
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Non-negotiable

Ye Hwa Tool Co. Ltd.

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