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2-3 Ply NCR Paper Slitter/rewinder


  • Model No: KY-A3
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

- Compact design to save space.
- High precision to ensure reliable performance.
- Durable structure for long-life operation.
- Shear-cut, smooth cut-edge on every roll.
- Duplex center-winding with individual tension control.
- Flawless operation, no harm to paper quality.
- Electric control panel with meter-counter, easy operation.
- High productivity, low waste, more profits.
- Slitting/rewinding multi-ply NCR (carbonless) paper.

Specification :

                      Model            KY-A3 
   Available machine(working) width:  600 / 900 mm 
   Max. unwind diameter:  800 mm 
   Unwind loading  Airshaft 
   Slitting mode  Shear 
   Min. slit width:  56 mm 
   Rewinding mode:  Center winding 
   Max. rewind diameter:  100 mm 
   Rewind core shaft:  Steel shaft 
   Winding speed:  100 M/min 
   Unloading:  Manual 
   Auto tension control:  Optional 
   Control panel:  Conventional