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Major Science, the leading lab instrument manufacturer.

Company Information

Company Introduction :

Founded in 1994 by a team of experienced engineers as well as up-and-coming design specialists, Major Science designs, manufactures, and markets laboratory equipment that supports scientific research in life sciences laboratories. Headquartered in Saratoga, California, Major Science provides laboratory products and quality services to biotechnology companies, academic institutions and government research labs across the world.

Major Science is consistently delivering cutting-edge instruments for the bio-industry that cover nearly all of your laboratory needs. We provide the Winpact family which is the state of the art fermentor and bioreactor for the fermentation and cell cultivation system.

Major Science conducts business via our global distribution partners who also serve as our main sales force. These strategically-located partners ensure that Major Science supplies top-quality products, services, and support to all of our customers in any region of the globe. Products from Major Science are produced under international quality standards and specifications that excel in performance.

Main Products :

Major Science has many different areas of focus in the life sciences field.

Our technology focuses on areas such as:

1. Fermentation & Cell Cultivation Technology- Innovative SIP pilot and lab fermentation system suitable for all of your cell culture and fermentation engineering purposes.

2. Electrophoresis System- Provide excellent equipment for all of your nucliec acid and protein separation experiment.

3. Gel Documentation System- Quality gel imaging systems and quantification software.

4. Thermoblock Reactor- The supreme heating and stability features excel your enzymatic reaction and temperature control with easy software with real-time recording.

5. Shaker- A series of rennovated shaking mechanisms are available for your 2D or 3D mixing, remote control and real-time recording is also available.

6. Stirring Water Bath- The sturdy, convenient and simple digital water bath gives you the best mixing result.

7. Incubator- A series of simple, compact and innovative incubators with shaking mechanisms for all of your applicatin needs.

8. Peristaltic Pump- Quality digital peristaltic pumps are suitable for various of your application needs.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter
Year Established : 1994
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
President : Ms. Mandy Chou
No. of Total Staff : 1 ~ 50
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Non-negotiable

Major Science

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