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SafeBlue Electrophoresis System


  • Model No: MBE-150PLUS
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The Major Science SafeBlue Electrophoresis System is recognized as the only and only Electrophoresis System on the market equipped with very powerful specifications to cover the majority of electrophoresis and power supply demands. The SafeBlue Electrophoresis System uses blue light LED to allow for immediate visualization of DNA/RNA bands while running agarose electrophoresis gels. The complete unit comes with three gel trays, 15 x 7cm, 15 x 10cm, and 15 x 15cm.The system is RoHS and CE compliant for environmental and safety concerns. The system is also offered in different packages to accommodate varying budgets and requirements.

Specification :

Cat. No. MBE-150
 Output Voltage / Inc. 10 – 150V / 1V
 Output Current / Inc. 10 – 300mA / 1mA
 Max. Power 30 W
 Operating Mode Constant Voltage or Current
 Timer 1 – 999 minutes with alarm, continuous
 Safety Device No load detection
 Crossover Yes
 Blue Light Wavelength 470nm
 LED Life 9000 hours
 Operating Temperature Ambient to 40℃
 Dimension (W x L x H) 11.53"x 7.87" x 3.15" (293 x 200 x 80mm)
 Weight Approx. 2.42 lb (1.1 kg)
 Construction Material Polycarbonate housing and aluminum base plate
 Power Adaptor  Input: 100 – 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.4A
 Output: 15VDC, 4.0A, 60W max.

Features :

1. Detachable electrophoresis gel tank and base unit.
2. Entire ME15 gel tank can be fitted perfectly on top of viewing platform.
3. Compatible with gel trays 15 x 15cm (5.91" x 5.91") or smaller.
4. Gel tank or UV tray can directly be placed on the viewing platform for gel observation.
5. Suitable for EtBr, Midori Green Advanced, SYBR Safe/Gold SYBR Green I/II, SafeView, HealthView, Gel Red/Green, and SERVA DNA Stain Clear G dyes.
6. Time saving with immediate visualization of DNA/RNA band migration.
7. Blue light LEDs do not require UV safety equipment.
8. Compatible with MBE-IMG Image System.
9. Optional tray holders are available.

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