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CO2/O2 Off-gas Analyzer


  • Model No: FS-O-GA
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

The Winpact CO2/O2 off-gas analyzer provides real-time measurements of carbon dioxide and oxygen concentration of the bioreactor exhaust gas. The CO2 concentration is determined using a self-calibrating non-dispersion infrared sensor, while an electrochemical sensor monitors the oxygen concentration. Using this information, the user can continuously monitor metabolism and analyze cell growth parameters. The gas analyzer connects directly to the Winpact controller, allowing the user to observe, record, and export data for further analysis.

Specification :

 Carbon DioxideOxygen
Range0-10% (selectable ranges available)0 – 50%
Detector TypeNon-dispersion Infrared(NDIR)Electrochemical
Accuracy±5%±1%(full scale)
Response Time1.6 seconds14±2 seconds
Operating Humidity5 - 95%RH
CalibrationAuto-zero; Default value present in factory (Built-in initialization)Air or Calibration gas
Sample DeliveryInboard sample pump
Sample Connection3/16” (4mm) fittings for gas inlet/outlet ports
Sample Flow Rate300 - 1000 ml/min
Flow Meter Range100 - 1000 ml/min
Power Requirement110 – 230 V AC, 50/60Hz
Fuse Rating2 Amp
Dimension190mm x 355 mm x 230mm ( H x W x D)
* Gas flow rate needs to be clarified when ordering.

Features :

1. Instant monitoring of bioreactor metabolic activity.
2. Directly connected to controller for real-time monitoring, recording, and data export to PC.
3. Designed for use with all Winpact fermentation systems.
4. Sturdy, compact housing fits directly on top of Winpact control unit.
5. Long-life, durable, oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors.
6. Integrated soda lime column for self-calibration of carbon dioxide detector.
7. External copper sulfate column absorbs moisture from inlet gas, ensuring accurate gas measurements.

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