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Winpact Evo Fermentation System


  • Model No: FS-07 series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Certification: CE
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Winpact Evo is our next generation model for the existing FS-01 and FS-02 system; it retains all the great features from FS-01 and FS-02, so you have nothing to lose. We also greatly enhanced the functionalities and capabilities of this newly developed controller.

Winpact Evo is completely re-designed with mechanical and software so it is ease to operate and maintenance. It is fully compatible with vessels from 0.5L to 20L, as well as fully functional with our plug-and-play optional devices.

Specification :

Control unit

 Control panel

 10.4” color touch-screen Interface (Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels)

 Communication port

 Remote control through Ethernet

 Data export through USB port

 Analog AUX port for system extension

Number of vessels controlled per remote control software

 Max. 16

 Program storage

 Up to 59,994 programs for different kinds of condition

 Log data storage

 Up to 100 process monitoring data files

 Cabinet material

 ABS front panel and painted iron housing


 Footprint: W x D = 15.75" x 22.44" (400mm x 570mm); Height: 29.14" (740mm)

 Rated voltage

 110V~/220V~; 50/60 Hz, 10A


 Inlet gas flow-meter

 0, 0.1-1LPM (0.5L); 0, 0.4 - 5LPM (1L); 0, 1 - 10LPM (3, 5L);

 0, 2 - 20LPM (10L); 0, 4 – 50LPM (15, 20L)


 Orifice ring


 Removable 316L stainless steel baffles



 1. Thermostat System: built-in heat exchanger  (550W heater, water circulation pump)

 2. Dry heating system (heating blanket or heating base unit)


 Cooling coil valve


 with FS-V-A / B / C series : 5°F (41°F) above coolant up to 60°F (140°F);

 with FS-V-D series :5°F(41°F) above coolant up to 90°F


 Platinum RTD probe (PT-100), non autoclavable

 Control mode

 Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control



 Removable top brushless motor (M3 for 0.5L, 1L; M2 for 3~20L)

 Speed range

 a. For extremely shear-sensitive cell line: 30-300rpm

 b. For fermentation and cell culture: 30 - 1200rpm (0.5-5L); 30 - 1000rpm (10L); 

    30 – 700rpm(15, 20L)




 2 impellers for 0.5L &1L vessel and double jacketed vessels 

 3 impellers for 3L vessel and above 

 Note: Customized impellers are available upon ordering

 Control mode

 Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control



 2 - 14pH




 Gel-filled electrode, autoclavable

 Control mode

 Manual/programmable 15 steps PID control with adjustable deadband,

 pH stat with smart feeding technology




 0 - 200%




 Polarographic DO sensor; autoclavable

 Control mode


 2-stage DO cascade response

 a. Increase or decrease agitation speed 

 b. Oxygen Enrichment module(Optional)

 c. Gas Mixing Station module(Optional)

 DO stat with smart feeding technology


 Measurement range

 -/+ 2000mV




 Gel-filled electrode: autoclavable    

Foam / Level


 316L stainless steel protector with insulated PTFE tube, autoclavable, adjustable sensitivity control

Control Mode

 Foam: On/Off switch

 Level: On/Off switch control with wet/dry probe set up

Peristaltic Pump

Pump number

 4 x built-in pumps, 1 to 2 external pumps (Optional)

 Motor type

 Precise stepping motor; minimum speed is 1rpm

 Speed range

 0 to 65rpm



 Control mode

 Manual or Programmable 15 steps feeding control; pump can be assigned  for Acid, Base,      

 Antifoam and/or Substrate; pump can calculate flow rate and total volume


Device type

 316L stainless steel condenser

Features :

• Duo Heating system, thermostat and dry heating combined in one
• Universal System for R&D in cell culture and microbiology
• Interchangeable five (5) types of autoclavable glass vessel
• Control up to sixteen (16) systems from a single interface
• Compatible with microbial and cell culture applications
• Intuitive user-interface for short learning curve with multi-language support
• Small pilot scale 15L and 20L glass vessel compatible
• Ethernet communication with Winpact SCADA software, and IP addressing
• Winpact **EZScript software for advance fermentation process

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