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High Speed Direct Plug-in Type Electric Screwdriver


  • Model No: AC-Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Dual mode design and heavy duty construction position these direct plug-in tools at the top of their class. Switch selectable push-to-start or combined push-lever start allow the tool to be configured for both operator and application preference. High power rare earth magnet motors and heavy plastic housings all add to the overall quality of the tools.

Unlike other direct plug-in screwdrivers, which use the motor as a brake, these units disengage the motor from the drive when the pre-set torque is reached. This greatly reduces stress on he motor as well as inertia effects.

* Convenient AC Plug-in Screwdrivers......built-in AC to DC rectifier allows screwdrivers to plug in directly to a 110 VAC/220 VAC outlet.
* Lockable External Torque Adjustment......easy to set up and secure with optional Torque Adjustment Ring Cover.
* Patented Clutch Mechanism......once the pre-set torque is reached, the motor shuts down. At the same time the drive is disengaged from the motor to reduce inertia effects and stress on the motor.
* Switch Selectable Push-to-Start......Combined Push-Lever Start - all AC models have the unique feature of selectable push-to-start or push-Lever start at the flick of a switch. This allows you to customize the tool to your operator and application.
* Ergonomic Design......slim ergonomic grip for operator comfort.
* Externally Replaceable Brushes.
* High Torque Rare Earth Magnet Motor.
* ESD models available.

Specification :


ModelAC-1120HS / AC-2220HS
D.C. Motor (VDC)110/220
Torque (Kgf-cm)3~20
Weight (Kg)0.65
Grip Size (mm Ø)33
Bit5mm Ø,
5mm Hex, 1/4" Hex
ESD ModelOptional


  • Taiwan