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Direct Ring Lighting


  • Model No: DR3210R/W/B
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. 360° shadow-free illumination in high-luminance LEDs deployed at high density
2. LED lighting for a wide range of applications, such as-
a. Positioning for substrates and printed boards, inspection for chip components
b. Liquid crystal adjustment, plastic container inspection
c. IC impress inspection and suchlike, Label inspection

Specification :

Product Models: DR3210R、DR3210W、DR3210B、DR3210G、DR3210IR、DR3210IR940、DR4218R、DR4218W、DR4218B、DR4218G、DR4218IR、DR4218IR940、DR5028R、DR5028W、DR5028B、DR5028G、DR5028IR、DR5028IR940、DR6736R、DR6736W、DR6736B、DR6736G、DR6736IR、DR6736IR940、DR7035R、DR7035W、DR7035B、DR7035G、DR7035IR、DR7035IR940、DR9050R、DR9050W、DR9050B、DR9050G、DR9050IR、DR9050IR940、DR12060R、DR12060W、DR12060B、DR12060G、DR12060IR、DR12060IR940

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