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Company Introduction

Ogival was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 1903, by Mr. Rene Brandt, a passionate watch-maker for advanced techniques and quality. He created a jumping fish as the symbol of Ogival to launch into the Swiss timepiece industry, and the fish soon appeared in navigation field with Ogival's precise marine chronometers.

The jumping lucky fish becomes the first impression for Ogival. The symbol is chosen for its meaning of blessing and love in Latin America. With this logo, Ogival keeps the tradition on making excellent watches of blessing and love and catches the eyes of numerous watch collectors at present days.

Main Products

excellent timepiece- 18K gold wrist watch, jewelry wristwatch ( wristwatches), genuine diamonds table, mechanical watches, gifts, clothing accessory ( accessories), watches for mens ( man)/ women (woman).