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Passive Combiners


  • Model No: SPC801 Combiner
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. The CCT SPC801, SPC1201, and SPC1601 passive combiners are utilized at the cable television headend to combine the outputs of several modulators or channel processors on to a single coaxial cable. The models offer 8 inputs, 12 inputs, and 16 inputs, respectively. These broadband products accept input levels up to +60 dBmV and pass 5 - 1000 MHz.
2. A convenient -20 dB monitor port is provided for front panel technician access.
3. It is recommended that unused input ports be terminated for best performance.

Specification :


Frequency Range:5 through 1000 MHz
Input Level:+60 dBmV, each input
Insertion Loss:SPC801: 12 dB nominal, 14.5 dB maximum.
SPC1201: 14 dB nominal, 18 dB maximum.
SPC1601: 17 dB nominal, 20 dB maximum.
Port to Port Isolation:30 dB nominal, 25 dB minimum.
Return Loss (all ports):SPC801: 16 dB nominal, 14 dB minimum.
SPC1201: 16 dB nominal, 14 dB minimum.
SPC1601: 16 dB nominal, 13 dB minimum.
Monitor Test Point(s):-20 dB (referenced to output).
Impedance:75 Ohms
Shielding:Meets FCC Part 76 requirements when operated at rated input levels.
Operating Temperature:-20° to 50° Celsius (-4° to 122° Fahrenheit), ambient.
Dimensions:1.75 inches (45 mm) Height x 19 inches (483 mm) Width

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