Experienced Yarn Supplier in Taiwan


Company Introduction

Founded in 1996, Tuntelon adheres to the development of popular products, attaches importance to customer cooperation and cater to the needs of customers from all walks of life. Tuntelon specializes in manufacturing the fancy yarns in Taiwan. We highly excel in spinning two or three fibers by all kinds of raw materials.

We can product about 700 tons every month now. Our products can be popularly used in woven & knitting fabric for the fashionable dress & the home textile & sports etc.

We will spare no efforts in seeking support from customer in our future development to fufill mutual benefit and a bright future for all.

Main Products

Tuntelon is committed to providing our clients with the best Yarn Products, including:
1. Deep Stripe Thick & Thin Yarn
2. Light Stripe Thick & Thin Yarn
3. Deep+Light Stripe Thick & Thin Yarn
4. Rainbow Yarn ( Stratify Deep + Light Stripe Thick & Thin)
5. Slub Yarn ( 1 Tone, 2 Tone, 3 Tone)
6. Colorful Yarn ( 3-Tone, 4-Tone)
7. Suede Yarn
8. Thick-Thin Yarn With Cationic+Polyester (2 Tone)
9. Clouding-Yarn ( Deep + Light Stripe Thick & Thin)
10. Linen Like Yarn
11. Nylon With Mechanical Stretch Yarn
12. Wool Like With Mechanical Stretch Yarn
13. Nep Yarn
14. Nylon Thick-Thin Yarn( Deep + Light Stripe)
15. Nylon Composite Yarn
and more special yarns.