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UV Curing Adhesive


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Detail Information

Description :

⊙ UV curing principle
Added initiating agent in the resin, through the absorption of ultraviolet light (specific wavelength 265 & 365nm), the resin was cured instantly. Thus achieving the purposes of sealing, coating, painting, filling... for your processes.

⊙ UV curing parameters
1. UV lamp output, design of the reflector and the distance of irradiated object will effect the indensity of illumination.
2. UV irradiation amount = ultraviolet irradiation illuminance x time.
3. Illumination energy is inversely proportional to the using time of UV lamp.

Specification :

⊙ Selections - electronic / photoelectric

ItemApplicationViscosity(CPS)HardnessTensile strengthElongationFeatures
1533Aglass crafts assembly65±5D751400150low viscosity, suitable for wide surface bonding
1530Bglass vs metal300±50D803300200fast curing
1531Cglass vs metal1250±100D65500050fast curing, moisture resistance
1531Dglass vs metal6000±300D85550020fast curing, high hardness
1539Dglass crafts bonding1150±150D531400110water resistance
1539Eglass crafts bonding4000±200D531300180water resistance
1570Aglass thinning1000±150D46190018HF resistance
1581Acarbon fiber sealing5000±400D8042007high hardness, can be polished
1581AHcarbon fiber sealing18000±2000D8042007high viscosity, ditto
1583Aglass+hard PVC、PC mainboard & wire assembly2000±200D461370300toughness
1583GCPU fixture24000±1500D551500280thixotropy, toughness, reliable
1585APC、soft PVC、PMMA、PS2800±300D40970560good strength for PC、PVC
1585EPC、soft PVC、glass PMMA、glass+plastic2200±300A70450660softer & clearer than 1585A, high elongation
1585Fframe sealing30000A402000350soft, elastic, replace rubber gasket
1586Tfor most plastics17000±2000D501100260good tack, fast curing, thixotropy
1586TMfor most plastics10000±2000D501100260good tack, fast curing, thixotropy
1586TNFR-4 board components assembly2500±300D58210075good tack, fast curing
1586TWCMOS Barrel lock(PBA+ABS)11000±2000D68220040white, thixotropy, no irritant odor
1589PPC+PC,PC+stainless steel65000±15000D75240012milky, high viscosity, thixotropy, low shrinkage & expantion

*Tensil strength: PSI

*Package: 20kg/barrel,1kg/can,30ml/syringe.

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