Puricom Water Industrial Corp.

Puricom Water Industrial Corporation was founded in Taiwan in 1989.


Hydrogen Water Generator


  • Model No: CIH-H2
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

High-Concentration hydrogen water generator.
Immediately generating hydrogen water.
Molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in your body and protects your cells from the effects of oxidative stress.
Auto cleaning function, maintain the hygiene of hydrogen water generator.
Water electrolysis cell automatic cleaning function.
Water electrolysis cell automatic detection of abnormal function.
Motor soft starter extending the lifespan of the system.
Two-way magnetic closing cover, easy to open for maintenance.
Smart LED artistic indicator.
Glossy panel design, more deluxe.
Intelligent control, 4 functions in 1 optional: filter change notice, water quality detector, leak sensor, auto-flushing.

Specification :

  1. Model Name : CIH-H2
  2. Dimensions : D40.5×W12.5×H39.5 cm
  3. Inlet water : BRO (Max. inlet RO volume 1L/min)
  4. Pump : UP-9100
  5. Input Voltage : AC100~240 V
  6. Inlet pressure : 20~60 PSI
  7. Inlet Water TDS : < 60 ppm
  8. Inlet Water Hardness : < 60
  9. Output : 1~1.2 (L/min)
  10. H2 concentration : 1.4~2.0 ppm

Puricom Water Industrial Corp.

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