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Standard Hard Jaws Parts / Accessories


  • Model No: HJ
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Product Name: Standard Hard Jaws.

Specification :

ModelH-1H-2H-3H-4H-5H-6H-7H-8H-9H-10H-11H-12H-13Serration PitchMatching Chuck3 Jaw Weight (kg)Reference Drawing
HJ-055323281043014238.513.510M861.5×60°3H-204, 3H-2051.0Fig.2
HJ-0667313612538.52028.5111712M10101.5×60°3H-206, 3P-061.7Fig.2
HJ-08873551145322518131912M12121.5×60°3H-208, 3P-082.0Fig.1
HJ-12H103505221562.53040.5172517M16301.5×60°3H-12, 3H-212, 3L-212, 3V-12, 3P-12, 3M-123.5Fig.2
HJ-12P103505218562.53040.5152217M14301.5×60°3H-12, 3H-212, 3L-212, 3V-12, 3P-12, 3M-123.6Fig.2
HJ-15H1496286228634334213220M20431.5×60°3H-15, 3H-215, 3H-18, 3L-15, 3V-15, 3V-18, 3P-215, 3P-2189.6Fig.1
HJ-15P149628625.56634334213220M20431.5×60°3H-15, 3H-215, 3H-18, 3L-15, 3V-15, 3V-18, 3P-215, 3P-2189.5Fig.1
HJ-21159.58090259104.55055213240M20553.0×60°3H-221, 3H-224, 3H-232
3P-221, 3P-224, 3V-21, 3V-32, 3V-24

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