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FMG-B1224 Traveling Column CNC Profile Surface Grinder
With traditional industries facing gaps in talents and technology, now more than ever is the best time to transition from outdated manufacturing processes to smart manufacturing.

One such sector that would greatly benefit from smart manufacturing is the screw manufacturing industry. With diverse products, complex shapes, high machining accuracy requirements and short product life cycles, this industry requires senior engineers to complete jobs if smart manufacturing is not utilized. Various challenges have been encountered during attempts to stay in step with technological advances.

All Chevalier Surface Grinders, which use a diamond roller to process wheel dressing, incorporate graphical conversational software for a variety of thread rolling die grinding. This software eliminates the need for senior engineers to program settings. Operators need only to perform simple graphical operations to quickly complete system settings, which simplifies complex manufacturing processes and improves product accuracy and grinding efficiency.

The QP1620-L is the ideal cutting solution for such materials as aluminum silicon carbide, glass, ceramics, graphite and cemented carbide. Integrated with a Heidenhain-KGM machine tuner to tune the machine, the QP1620-L more than meets the difficult demands for machining accuracy and surface roughness and smoothness.

In addition to its high-rigid casting structural design, the QP1620-L is equipped with the oil cooling device of a 0.1 Celsius degree thermal-controlled spindle; customized jig and fixture; special PCD diamond cutter; diamond grinding bar; expanded look-ahead block; advanced controller; and more.

To meet the needs for wet-type, graphite mold machining for glass thermal bending, the QP1620-L is well-designed with a high waterproof and dustproof guideway protection mechanism that is perfectly suited for these industries: semiconductor, electronic, medical, aerospace, automotive, tool, mold, machinery and components.

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SMART-B818III CNC Surface Grinder

CHEVALIER introduced the SMART Machines with added advance functions: Spindle Load Monitoring, In-Machine Dynamic Balancing, SMART Grinding Path and In-Machine Elevation Supervision. SMART machines integrated with SMART Cloud Service Solution can increase production efficiency as well as decrease production cost. Moreover, production can be tailored to fulfill your customers' needs.

TMTS 2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show
Date: 2018/11/07~2018/11/11
Booth No: 4A312
Venue: Greater Taichung International Expo Center

The series is perfect for heavy-duty turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling and thread-cutting applications.

The Y model is designed for key-slot milling of large-sized and/or heavy workpieces or workpieces made of cast-iron, steel. And with the optional live tooling function, the series offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex workpieces with one machine. The cross-rail elevation system uses two large ballscrews for positioning and can be locked in any position with four independent hydraulic break systems; consequently, the spindle RAM is able to more closely approach a workpiece, thus eliminating an overhang problem. The unique patent lock mechanism has eight hydraulic locking cylinders with curvic coupling to assure the turning holder stably fixing on RAM to get high rigidity without vibration or cutting chatter, which reduces the stress transmission on the RAM spindle bearings to substantially prolong spindle life.

It's powerful for example FVL-1600VTC series. The enormous 60HP FANUC digital spindle motor, with a two-speed gearbox, generates up to 13,917NM (10,246 ft.-lbs.) of torque in lower 30rpm. The optional Live Tooling models can easily handle up to M30 tap or 50mm drill with tough material.


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