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With 35 years of material handling equipment research and development experience, Taiwan’s leading forklift maker, Tailift Group, recently launched a series of smart machinery solutions to facilitate the production processes of tea growers.

Tailift first introduced its comprehensive, professional automated production solutions to Taiwan’s tea making industry about three years ago.

The comprehensive machineries of Tailift offer fully automatic and semiautomatic solutions, such as automatic conveyer systems, automatic pressing systems, and semiautomatic tea leaf deblocking facilities.

Taiwanese tea growers have long been faced with a severe shortage of workers, and the unprecedented move was highly welcomed in the local market. Tailift’s machinery have helped propel the businesses of many of Taiwanese tea growers onto the international stage.

The practice of using tea pressing machines is nothing new in the tea industry. However, in Tailift’s research and development process, the company was able to work closely with the top tea growers in Taiwan. This resulted in top machinery solutions that meet the standards and the needs of professional tea makers while preserving the essence of top quality Taiwanese teas.

Looking to the future, Tailift is working to introduce highly intelligent machinery that can fully mimic the hand pressing techniques used by Taiwanese tea making artisans within two years. According to Tailift, the company’s future solutions will feature intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring and controls as well as fully automatic procedures to efficiently produce the highest quality teas.


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