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New Horizontal Machining Centre

Horizontal Machining Centre

  • Model No: TH-630/TH-680/TH-800
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1.Traveling column.
2.Step type linear ways deployment on X-axis.
3.Rotary type auto pallet change.
4.Table indexing 1° (standard), 0.001° (optional).
5.Max. cutting capacity Ø1000mm.
6.Three axes rapid traverse: 24 M/min. (standard), 30 M/min. (optional).
7.Roller type linear ways on three axes.

Specification :

TravelX-axis travelmm1050
Y- axis travelmm850
Z- axis travelmm1000
TableWorking surfacemm630 x 630
No. of tablespcs2
Table surface typetype24-M16Pitch125
Table indexing unitdegree1º (0.001º Optional)
Repeatabilitysec.± 1”
Table height from floormm1315
Max. workpiece sizemmØ1000
Max. table loadkg1200
Max. height of workpiecemm1000
SpindleSpindle speedrpm6000 (4500 Optional)
Spindle type Belt (Direct-drive / Gear Optional)
Spindle nose tapermm7/24 Taper, No.50
Spindle center to table surfacemm100 ~ 950
Spindle nose to table centermm150 ~ 1150
Spindle nose taper BT50
Inside dia. of spindle bearingmmØ100
Feed RateRapid traverse (X, Y, Z-axis)M/min24 (30 Optional)
Cutting feed rateM/min1 ~ 10
Auto Tool ChangerTool shank type BT50
Tool storage capacitytools40 (60/90/120 Optional)
Max. tool diametermmØ115
Max. tool dia.(adjacent empty tool)mmØ230
Max. tool weightkg20
Max. tool lengthmm400
Tool change time(tool to tool)sec.3.2 (60Hz)
Auto Pallet ChangerNo. of palletspiece2
Pallet change type Rotary type
Pallet change timesec18
Machine DimensionsMachine heightmm3540
Area occupiedmm4820 x 6820
Machine weightkg23000


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