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Work Table


  • Model No: WT-T520R
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Including texture pattern and artificial texture of the material itself.Early leather products are leather grain effect (called needle lines), and the fabric of textile materials and printing on fabric patterns;In modern times has emerged many true texture of animals or plants; Modern, on the basis of the previous application more things in the nature texture and design all sorts of geometry texture, time and space design and other creative texture.

Line is composed of various surface and body geometry elements, each line will be different feeling to the person, "" out of countless" merits ". Straight to the people of integrity, steadfast, open, peaceful, unified feeling;Perpendicular to the person of wang yan and forceful, support feeling; Curve, give a person the sense of soft, light, free; Wavy lines give a person the sense of smooth freely, ups and downs; Cochlear curve gives a person the sense of diminishing or stretch;Arc gives a person the sense fruity, full or thin weak; Slash to dump, the feeling of oppression; Line to give a person curt and circuitous, suddenly feeling.

Specification :



Table size

A:130 B:507 C:235 D:290 E:208 F:192


123×245 mm

T slot

12 mm




610×400×250 mm

Total height

185 mm

Weight (N.W. / G.W)

37 / 43 kgs

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