R&D International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Rick David International (referred as R & D) was founded in year 2009. Specializing in the design development and manufacturing of all kinds of quality building materials. The current product lines are stainless steel tile trim, aluminum tile trim, aluminum anti-sewage water drip, aluminum stair edge profiles, stainless steel doorsill and aluminum skirting board.

Our product range for tile trim in aluminum and stainless steel-based materials includes, squared, circular, triangular and every other kinds of shapes.

In addition for their appearance we include many colors with more sophisticated surface and a full range of accessories. This is why we have been increasing significantly and becoming one of the leading brands in Taiwan.

In the year 2012 R & D began to repair some exterior walls, developed a number of patented design water drip, with a full range of accessories suitable for all exterior wall materials. Affordable price, convenient construction, high quality and significant effect, has been helping a lot of architects and construction companies to develop new products. Manufacturing parts for floors, development of aluminum stair edge profiles and stainless steel doorsill and aluminum skirting board to provide customers high quality and better choices.

Main Products

we provide all kinds of quality building materials, squared ( quarter arc, rectangle, thin
rectangle, big rectangle, c profile, triangle) stainless steel tile trims, circular ( m profile) aluminum tile trim, triangular L profile aluminum anti-sewage water drips, aluminum stair edge profiles, stainless steel doorsills and aluminum skirting boards.