Manufacturer of CNC Automatic Lathe, CNC Lathe Machine, CNC Turning Center.

No. 1666, Zhongshan Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42955, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Since the formation in 1978, LICO Machinery Co., Ltd has grown the business to become one of the elite CNC Lathe Manufacturer in Taiwan. LICO CNC lathes are designed for the metalworking sector and has been adapted by various industries such as automotive, aerospace, computers, plumbing fittings, optical components amongst others. LICO is committed to providing first-class CNC machines and value-added services that meet customers' demands. With continued dedication to excellence, LICO will continue to produce automatic CNC lathes with innovation and superior quality.

Main Products

Manufacturer of CNC automatic lathe, automatic multi-slide CNC lathes, automatic upgrade CNC lathes, automatic CNC lathes, cam/ single spindle automatic lathes, CNC turning machines, tapping machines, turn-mill CNC.