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The S5A-4732HH five-axis machine is equipped with an intelligent device, a head-to-head two-axis head (suitable for heavy-load cutting), and a patented four-rail structure. The whole machine features with high rigidity, high precision, high intelligent monitoring on spindle vibration, and high stability. Moreover, our machine is specifically designed for aerospace components machining, which exhibits four features: suitable for hard-to-cut material, being capable of transmitting high torque during operation, having large working area, and highly efficient machining.


  • Self-made intelligent head-head type five-axis head: Mechanical simultaneous two-axis head design. Adopting worm-gear transmission for B and C axes (B axis: ,C axis). Spindle motor go through self-made heavy-load cutting gearbox (two-steps) to the 2-axis head. Maximum torque: 1155 N-m, the spindle speed Maximum 4000rpm. Otherwise, it also could choose the different type of 2-axis head & spindle such as DD motor transmission, built-in spindle HSK-A100, 10000rpm、HSK-A63, 20000rpm.

  • Intelligence design: The acceleration gauges are installed into the spindle system, which may directly transmit signals into controller for further analyses. This intelligent device may monitor and predict the life of spindle bearings, unusual vibration, and warning of maintenance time.

  • SIGMA Unique patented structure design of the four rollertype linear guide ways in the z-axis spindle ram: The spindle ram adopts unique patented structure design with the rollertype four linear guide ways (model RG55) and is equipped with double closed-type hydraulic balancing system. These specific designs greatly enhance the spindle rigidity and reduce the vibration during heavy-load machining.

  • Precise and solid manufacturing assembly-skills: Our product may reach a high level of both static and dynamic precisions: (a) positioning accuracy: 0.005mm/300mm, repeatability accuracy: 0.003mm/300mm; (b) dynamic accuracy for airplane frame machining: 0.05mm.

A world-level aesthetic and ergonomic design: Our product owns a unique identification design. It may not only exhibit the product image of quality, reliability, and stability, but also show
a fashionable and aesthetic style with ergonomic design. Our product adopts the pre-defined enterprise colors: white color as base, and decorated with grey and black colors. The art of
slope cutting at corners and straight-line cutting edges exhibit unique rigid product image. The three-color (green, yellow, and red) LED light is used as the form edge and is merged into the whole fashionable style as a part of amazing design element. The above matters push our product having the abilities and chances to stand on the world platform to compete with other similar famous European machine tools.

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