Manufacturer: Specialist in Milling Accessories

No. 287, Sec. 1, Shien Lin Rd., Ta Ya District, Taichung City 428, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Manufacturer: Specialist in Milling Accessories

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in producing milling accessories. The impressive growth since HOMGE was established in 1978 has paid tribute and is evident of hard work and persistence of the company’s owner and staffs. Our company has proven to be the number one specialist in milling accessories. We have focused our efforts on the manufacturing support of various tooling requirements. Because of the nature of our products, we have been able to concentrate and excel in the areas of quality control, customer service and innovation. Our company has multiple international patents which prove to be on the cutting edge of design and technology.

Quality engineering equipment enhanced by continual research and development for
long durability, high accuracy and efficient operation

All parts are standardized.
Whenever you purchase “HOMGE” products, all parts are interchangeable.

Main Products

we provide milling accessories, vise for milling machine, pneumatic super hi-pressure vise, pneumatic double cnc precision vise, 5-axis clamp, self-centering (self centering) vise, compact double lock vise, standard multi power cnc super fixed ( open m/c) quick angle vise, cnc precision vector ( rapid) vise with swivel base, permanent magnetic vise, electro-permanent magnetic chuck ( index table, rotary table), m/c magnetic column, m/c square ( double sided) tooling column, vise in row, precision universal vise, precision ( hydraulic) angle lock machine vise, milling vise for drill press, tilting super open vise, universal 3-way tiling vise, dividing plate set for hut-300, tail stock for hut-300 (cc, cs-type), super divider, semi-universal dividing head, simple indexing spacer, dividing plate set, horizontal ( vertical) rotary table, slotted angle plate, right angle milling head, milling attachment, dividing equipments.