Manufacturer of Industrial CNC Machinery & Equipments Supply.

No.118, Sec. 3, Yeatan Rd., Tantzu Dist., Taichung, 42756, Taiwan

Company Introduction

GE FONG fully capitalize on professional knowledge, great store of experience and hi-tech professional computer software to develop reasonable low-cost and highly precision machines.

GE FONG will help the customers to solve technical problems and upgrade their technical abilities, and help them to do computerization and automation in production.
GE FONG will continue developing quality - stabilized and high value added new machines to help the whole industry to become more competitive and expend overseas investment and carry out the new economic strategy "Deeply rooted in Taiwan and stretch out into the global".

Main Products

We specialize in a variety of CNC machine tools including CNC lathes, swiss CNC automatic lathes, fixed and sliding heads automatic machines, turning lathes, sliding head turning lathes, high precision CNC automatic lathes, cam operated lathes, multi slide lathes, industrial automation systems.