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Steel Roof Panel With Laminated PE Foam


  • Model No: YS-900
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

•Professional designer for manufacturing roof & wall cladding.
•Automatically continually manufacturing high quality products with PLC.
•Easy operation : Directly input the producing conditions on the touch screen.
•Customization : Customers decide the profile of products.
•Saving time and cost owing to high speed running with hydraulic system.
•One year warranty.

Specification :


  • Part A. Cold roll forming machine
    • Thickness of forming sheet: 0.3 mm ~ 0.8 mm. (G250~G350)
    • Forming speed: 15~18 m/min.
    • Roll shaft dia: 75 mm in S45C with precision polishing and high frequency.
    • Roll stands: SK2 with heat treatment & hard chrome coated.
    • Main motor: 15 HP hydraulic motor.
    • Complete with one set of tachometer for automatic production.
    • Attach with two sets of adjustable roller.
    • Attach with one set of run out table.
    • Control box: All of push button switches pilot lamps, emergency stop switch and in computer system with touch screen.
  • Part B. Mandrel expand type uncoiler:
    • Size of appearance: 2.90m(L)x1.28m(W)x1.73m(H)-Approx.
    • Coil stock-Inner dia: 400 mm to 520 mm (max. 620mm)
    • Outer dia: 1600 mm
    • Width:1250 mm max.
    • Loading capacity: 5000 kgs/ 7500 kgs max.
    • Machine weight: 1500 kgw/ 2080 kgw (Approx.)
    • Main motor: 3 HP/ 5 HP hydraulic motor.
    • Rotating speed: 20 m/min max.
  • Part C. Hydraulic Cutting Device:
    • Attached with one set of rear-cutter in SKD-11 in hydraulic system.
    • Attached with one set of pre-cutter in SKD-11 in hydraulic system.
    • Hydraulic cutting system is controlled by computer.
  • Part D. Laminated equipment:
    • Attached with PE foam tension device.
    • Complete with 2 sets of pinch rollers.
    • Attached with 3 sets of fan for laminate device.
    • Complete with one set of shearing unit in 1 HP.
  • Above machine specifications are for the regular type and for reference only.


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