Leader Extrusion Machinery Ind. Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Leader Extrusion Machinery Company Ltd. has more than 20 years experience designing and manufacturing plastic extrusion machinery. Our specialty is manufacture of PP, PS, PVC, PC sheet extrusion line; and PET, PC, PP hollow profile sheet extrusion lines. Manufacturing customized products for our clients is one of our main goals. Leader has earned a marvelous reputation for its advanced technology and reliable quality. We offer the best possible extrusion solution without any compromise to quality, service, or delivery. Among our customers, employees, and the company! Leader is your best friend and business partner forever. Our company motto is "steady, service, and reliability". We are dedicated to technological research and development, total customer satisfaction and providing superior quality, high production, and profitable plastic extrusion machines. The result is a win-win-win situation shared by our customers, employees, and the company! More than just a business partner, with Leader you have got friends!

Main Products

we provide industrial plastic extrusion machinery, co extruders machine, plastic ( PP, PC, PVC, polythene, polypropylene, polymer, rubber) hollow profiles sheet extruders, flat and corrugated plastic ( PC, ABS, PS) sheet making extrusion lines, sheet extrusion line for screen production, PMMA ( PC, PP, PET) flat & corrugated sheet forming production equipment, APET ( PETG, GAG) sheet production equipment, plastic ( CPP, PET, TPU 3 Axis) multi-layer film extruder, PC hollow profile sheet color testers, plastic recycling ( recycled) granulators equipment, bisynchronous stretching equipment, automatic single side laminating machine, tandem double sides extrusion laminators, custom made machines.