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Hacksaw Blades
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Application on most metals including unhardened tool steel and stainless steel.
Reciprocating Saw Blades
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ◦Efficient cutting
    Optimized for specific applications.
    ◦Durable construction
    Shatter resistant, bi-metal design provides the
    flexibility and durability that single-metal blades can‘t achiev
    ◦Multi-application for metal cutting and wood cut...
Jig Saw Blades
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Product Name: Jig Saw Blades
Carbon Steel Hole Saw
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    For cutting woods, wall board, plastic and soft metal.
    Fits all standard carbon steel mandrels.
    ◦Induction hardened teeth.
    ◦Regular teeth 6TPI
    ◦Item no. KW74-0xxx for cutting 28.5mm.
    ◦Item no. KW74-1xxx for cutting depth 50mm
Pruning Saws
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ◦Durable black plastic sheath with belt clip is include.
    ◦Hard chrome-plated, taper ground blade for smooth cutting experience.
    ◦Three edge sharpened new teeth configuration design for faster cutting.
Bi-Metal Hole Saws With Hexagon Shank
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ◦With 0.6mm thin cutting edge gives less vibration during cutting.
    ◦HSS cutting edge with spring steel backing brazed by electron beam gives excellent cutting performance than regular solid HSS hole saw.
    ◦Suitable for hole making on the of steel,st...
PVC Saws
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ◦Suitable for cutting PVC pipe, bamboo, lead pipe, and most wood materials.
    ◦High carbon steel construction.
    ◦Faster cutting and Clean cut.
    ◦Tooth sharpness lasts 3-5 times longer than regular tooth form.
    ◦Quick change PVC Saw with tough ABS hand...
Carbide Tip Hole Cutter Series
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    ◦Unique flange stopper to prevent over drilling.
    ◦Application for cutting stainless steel,steel plate, l-beam and cast steel.