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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
MEGA has been established since 1969 and the main production is for automobile and all kind of engine gaskets. MEGA has profuse experience and good reputation in Taiwan. Our customers are distributed all over the world.

MEGA granted ISO 9002 in 1999 and updated to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017. When the new century is toward, we hold aggressive attitude to take every challenge, seek the top quality of products and provide the best service to our customers.

To prospect the future, we set our sights on stable quality of present products, develop new products and expand the foreign market to create international competitive.

MEGA is committed to the development of Asian cars engine full sets, and good at producing diverse and complex products is our advantage. Using this advantage, MEGA aims at customized product in the future. The product of MEGA is masstige, both par and good quality, so the customer of MEGA gets market competitiveness and brand value in the same time.

MEGA not only consolidates the traditional advantages, but also cooperates with Strategic Alliance from different business fields. Using our own advantages to help develop new materials and molds, enhance the value of MEGA brand, and create more win-win situation.

MEGA is located in Yuanlin City, Changhua County, where the industry development is not really well. The advance of the hometown has always been our original intention, 100% to hire local staffs, continuous improvement of the working environment and enhancement of the company's welfare, hope to help the hometown be a more perfect city.

Main Products

we provide all kind of top engine gaskets for automobiles, cylinder head gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, intake manifold gasket, inlet manifold gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, valve cover gasket, rocker cover gasket, oil pan gasket, valve stem seals, timing cover gasket, spark plug gasket, oil seals, head gasket, rubber parts, engine gasket kits, engine gasket material.