Sharp-eyed Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

Precision OEM Machihing Parts and Surface Treatment Service Provider

Quality Certification


In order to protect the environment, Sharp-eyed introduced ISO 14001 certification into the company in 2007 and was determined to use only environmental protection oriented approaches to produce the products. In order to show the world its passion and determination, we promise to continue to improve on environmental management performance, energy saving, waste reduction and recycling.

ISO 90001 :2015

Follows the ISO9001 standard quality management system certification to show that products and services are controlled, and reduce the time and labor costs for customers and related stakeholders to repeatedly check quality and service.

Safety Standard : IATF 16949:2016

TS 16949 is the International Quality Management Standard specifically written by the vehicle Industry. The introduction of TS 16949 will result in substantial improvements in all aspects of quality, delivery and overall efficiency. In order to become a qualified Machining Automotive Parts supplier, Sharp-eyed was TS certified in April 2010

Sharp-eyed Precision Parts Co., Ltd.

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