Welter's Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Welter's Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter with more than 20 years experience in specializing in the stationery items.

In the last 10 years since 1993, Welter's has been concentrating on the production of our new patented products, such as Bushpicks and New Staple Remover (scissors type).

In 1999 we also launched our latest invention, the Orbis Circle Ruler, and Orbis Circle Cutter by our sister company, C.F.M. Group Ltd. Welter's Co. Ltd. and C.F.M. Group Ltd. are the same company and belong to the same owners.

All the products are patent registered worldwide and manufactured at our Welter's factory in Taiwan. For these products, we have been selling very well in USA, Europe, and Japan.

Main Products

1) Table train: lazy susan / lazy susan turntable / rotating turntable / lazy susan bearing / table accessories / tale train lazy susan / rectangular lazy susan / turntable lazy susan
2) Brushpicks: toothpick / brushpicks / plastic toothpick / dental toothpick / tooth pick / plastic tooth pick / dental tooth pick / floss toothpick / floss tooth pick / brush toothpick / brush tooth pick / disposable tableware / individual toothpick / single toothpick / travel toothpick case / wholesale toothpick container / toothpick key chain / toothpick keychain / toothpick key ring / toothpick keyring / promotion toothpick case / personal hygiene dental care / custom printing individual pack / flexible toothpick / flexible tooth pick /
3) TarOFF: interdental brush / plastic interdental brush / soft interdental brush / dental stick / oral personal product /
4) Staple Remover: staple remover / office stationery / school stationery / office accessories / school accessories / scissor staple remover /
5) Pyramid: toothpick dispenser / automatic toothpick dispenser / toothpick holder / plastic toothpick dispenser / plastic toothpick holder / automatic toothpick holder / popup toothpick holder / popup toothpick dispenser / pyramid plastic / pyramid shape