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Technology is changing with each passing day and progressing every day. With the increasing demand for 3C, aerospace, biomedical and mold markets, the characteristics of products are diversified, refined, customized and environmentally friendly. For more complex shapes and multi-curved parts, it takes a lot of process, time and manpower.

In order to enhance the value of the product and meet the increasingly complex processing needs, the UH-500 5 axis CNC machining center features streamlined processing. The advantages of one-time forming requirements for composite multi-curved workpieces are achieved by one-time clamping, and the precision of parts and the processing flow are improved for the processing parts with high complexity and multi-surface. This 5 axis CNC machine design increases the load capacity and is more functional. Mainly for the processing parts with high complexity and multi-curved surface, which reduces the process and time by 50% to improve production efficiency.

The application of UH-500 5 axis machining center is wide. This machining center combines computer nemerical control (CNC), high-performance servo driver and precision procesing technology and is applied in the highest efficiency and precision of complex surfaces.

This five-axis machining centre can work for Aerospace, Military, Healthcare and Automobile industries. The features that to refine processing which one time fixing can finish complexed workpiece and the diversified manufacturing needs. The 5 axis CNC machine primarily character to shorten production time, enhanced processing accuracy for complex parts in response to diversified needs, greatly saving molds expense, increase production efficiency and market competition.


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