Oscar Precision Co., Ltd.

Oscar provides EMI spring contacts, stamping components, stamping dies, CNC machining components...

24F, No. 37, Sec. 2, Sanmin Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 22069, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Oscar Precision Co., Ltd. specializes in the supply of various kinds of metal strip forming components and custom stamping products, and has been dedicated to the enhancement of technological skills and professional services. Areas of expertise include EMI shielding, precision sheet and wire metal forming, and metal stamping. In order to serve worldwide customers, we extend our production lines to introduce metal stamping dies, precision springs, fasteners, and CNC lathe machining components, and etc. Our products are used in industries ranging from mobile phones, computers, optoelectronic accessories, electronic components, to automobile parts and medical devices, etc.

With more than 30 years of experiences of our R&D staffs, we offer professional customized services for design and manufacture. Our forte is the manufacture of top-quality precision products. Oscar Precision accepts any precision forming/ stamping challenges and orders of small quantities to provide comprehensive solutions for our customers.

1980 Metal stamping factory founded in 1980
1983 Fastener & spring factory founded in 1983
1995 Metal wire/strip forming factory founded in 1995
2001 Invested in a metal stamping factory in China in 2001
2010 Stamping die R&D and CNC machining center established, launched a new business of the design and manufacture of industrial PCs
2019 Established Oscar Precision Technology Co., Ltd. specializing in overseas marketing and sales

*Improve precision process to elevate production capacity
*Introduce advanced technology to ensure top quality
*Strengthen employees’ professional skills
*Optimize R&D capabilities to boost innovation and product development
*Continue investment in top-notched facilities to achieve the goal of industrial upgrade and to enhance competitiveness
*Streamline production flow to satisfy diverse and immediate customer requests
*Strive to excel with business strategy of "Technological Specialization" and "Production Automation"
*Our core value is to listen to customers and understand their needs with persistent commitment to provide top quality products and attentive services with value beyond price

*Enhance corporate image and culture
*Integrate the wisdom and strength of employees in our team to achieve the goal of sustainable development
*Aim to become an industry leader in global market headquartered in Taiwan and the mainland China

Main Products

custom machined parts, automobile components manufacturers, emi spring fingers, hose clamps manufacturers, precision metal stamping, precision stamping products, progressive stamping, metal stamping dies.