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HDPE Pipe Extrusion Line


  • Model No: 33D / 38D Series
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Aceretech provides saving, customized design, high efficient extruder, and whole set extrusion production line Based on classical 33D series extruder, we developed 38D series which are widely applied to kinds of polyolefin(eg HDPE, LDPE, PERT, PP, PPB, PPH, PP-R, PS pipe production) The capable of producing pipe diameter from 16mm up to 1600mm.

It is widely used in producing HDPE water supply pipes, gas supply pipes. It can make HDPE pipes with a diameter of 16mm to 1600mm. With many years of plastic machinery development and design experience, this HDPE pipe extrusion line has a unique structure, the design is novel, the equipment's entire line layout is reasonable, the control performance is reliable.

Specification :

33D Series Classical Production Line

Production LineDiameter Range (mm)Extruder TypeMax.Capacity (kg/h)Max.Haul Off Speed (m/min)Extrusion Power (kw)
APE-PE-63 IФ 20-63SJ65/322201255
APE-PE-110 IФ 20-110SJ65/332201255
APE-PE-160 IФ 50-160SJ75/3340010110
APE-PE-250 IФ 90-250SJ90/334006110
APE-PE-450 IФ 160-450SJ120/335004160
APE-PE-630 IФ 400-630SJ120/338502280
APE-PE-800 IIФ 500-800SJ120/338502280
APE-PE-630 IФ 315-630SJ120/338502355
APE-PE-800 IФ 500-800SJ150/3311001400

38D Series High Efficient Production Line

Production LineDiameter Range (mm)Extruder TypeMax.Capacity (kg/h)Max.Haul Off Speed (m/min)Extrusion Power (kw)
APE-PE-63ⅡФ 20-63SJH60/383203070
APE-PE-110ⅡФ 20-110SJH60/383802090
APE-PE-160ⅡФ 40-160SJH60/3846015110
APE-PE-250ⅡФ 50-250SJH75/3860012160
APE-PE-450ⅡФ 110-450SJH90/388508250
APE-PE-630ⅡФ 250-630SJH90/3810504280
APE-PE-800ⅡФ 500-800SJH120/3813002355
APE-PE-1200ⅡФ 710-1200SJH75/38
APE-PE-1600ⅡФ 1000-1600SJH90/38

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