Automation Coil Production Lines for Motors, Relays

Press Releases

The automatic coil winding machine by TEEMING MACHINERY CO. is one specially designed equipment for laundry, vehicle, and motors application. This unique machine combined with the latest cutting-edge technics and can be redesigned for customary use is known for its speed and stability in producing. Two cutting edge technics are as followings: firstly, we replace traditional twining motors with that of winding technic and sufficiently resolve problems of irrational electric spread arising; also, in order to balance unequal tension happening in producing process by even the slightest changes of industrial material, we create an air-powered tenser which successfully prevents disturbances.

Another important innovation of the automatic winding machine is the auto-controlled system. We equip the machine with the auto-controlled system, optimizing it through five aspects:

(1) Efficacy: PLC logic one with installation of HMC structure and binary CPU has effectively arisen producing efficacy.
(2) Accuracy: Coaxial controlling server for a more accurate distribution of core winding.
(3) Convenience: The central control system goes with a user-friendly operating interface to break down controlling confinement of the fixed controlled end.
(4) Ease of Operation: User-friendly software interface and statistics function.
(5) Safety: CE safety monitor will cut off electric automatically preventing injuries and poor-quality owing to human factors.

In terms of our marketing strategy, our product has now been sold around the world, including Germany, Brazil France, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Thailand, U.S.A, and so forth. Germany is well known for its long history of machinery industry so that entering this market means approval of our company’s producing technic.

To keep a high quality of the coil winding machine, we contribute plenty of research resources on innovation projects concerning energy efficiency and environmental protection. Making development on grounds of peaceful coexistence of our land is always the concern about our comping.


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