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Leopard print is the most distinctive fashion element of Animal skin. It was a fad in full flower in the 60s and 70s. Since then, it will be all the rage periodically every few years, never goes out of fashion. Leopard print is not only a printed dipping pattern film, it also symbolizes the original vitality, full of wild enthusiasm, power, and speed.

CHENG FENG providing a full series of animal skin film patterns for worldwide friends, such as leopardskin, snakeskin, cow spots, rhino skin, and etc hydrographic water transfer film. We can make your needs. If you have any OMD and IMD and WTP technology questions, please contact us right away.

Marble hydro dip patterns can give you a new vibe to space with natural charm, also feeling cozy and soft. Sage brand provides marble water transfer print film is carefully designed for aesthetic and making it not only lively in whole but also vivid in details. Especially the delicate realistic surface makes it looks more realistic and natural.

In recent years, the robot vacuum cleaner is mostly with monochrome decoration only. Our marble hydro dipping film pattern design which can be used extensively in different household appliances wins warm praise from customers. Let's decorate the robot vacuum cleaner with marble patterns that makes the boring cleaning time be more fun.

Contact CHENG FENG right now to know more information if you are interested in our hydro dipping film.

What can a car bring you? Maybe a noble status, the joy of racing, or just the convenience to travel anywhere. However, has it ever occurred to you that maybe your car could be a way of representing your personality? But the question is HOW? Thanks to the hydro dipping technology, you can decorate your car from inside to outside, whichever way you want!

Hydro Dipping Film Used in AutomotiveHydrographic Film Used in CarsHydro Dip Film Used in Automotive

Cheng Feng supplies a full series of water transfer printing patterns for you to choose from such as wooden, carbon fiber, stone series and so on. With our water transfer printing patterns, your car will not remain virtually identical with others' anymore, but completely unique on the planet. Let's make your car not just a tool to transport, but a way to shine your personality. If you are ready to add some colors to your car, Cheng Feng, the best automotive hydro dipping supplier, will always be here for you. Contact us now!

Leopard print and animal print have been a big part of the fashion scene for the past 100 years and all of a sudden this beautiful, versatile print is more popular than ever! Until now, It is one of fashion's most enduring trends.

Here you can find out various hydro dip film patterns, including animal skin pattern and leopard print skin pattern to decorate for makeup and cosmetics package, lipstick package, eyeshadow box, brush and etc.

Our animal skin hydro film patterns for makeup series decorate with popular and changeable pattern design, show more personal characteristics that can catch everyone’s eyes, and awaken a new sensory experience. If you have any interested in those hydro dipping film patterns, welcome to contact CHENG FENG right away.

Amid jungles, you desire to coexist with those wild animals or even to evade their eyes, having a fair life battle. But when it comes to surviving in the wild, there is one ability that you can never lack — being entirely invisible. Want to deceive all those sharp eyes successfully? All you need are hunting outfits and equipment with perfect camouflage patterns. You never know how much you need an effective camouflage when facing a life-or-death crisis.

 Camo Hydro Dip Film Used in Shotgun WeaponsCamo Hydrographic Film Used in Shotgun WeaponsDigital Camo Hydro Dip Film Used in Shotgun Weapons

CHENG FENG offers a wide collection of camo hydro dip film, ranging from the jungle, military to digital series and. Our camo hydrographic film can be applied widely, such as military gears, shotgun weapons, automotive accessories, outdoor fitness equipment, etc. If you are a wildlife guy, the hunting outfits and gears adopted camouflage patterns can provide extra protection while hunting. Or if you are stuck in a city jungle right now, yet missing Mother Nature; then decorating your car with digital camo hydro dip film could give you some comfort for a while. As a professional water transfer printing supplier, CHENG FENG can fulfill your every fantasy about camouflage projects. Without them, your man cave will never be complete! Contact us for more details now!

Marble patterns have been around for hundreds of years. From jewelry and clutches to yoga pants and skirts, you will find them suitable for different products. In recent years, marble printing style has quickly become popular again in a short period of time. Many fashion designers have also begun to apply marble texture to different materials. This trend has expanded from the fashion market to various industries, including home interior decoration, packaging, consumer electronics, tableware products, fashion products, cosmetic product and etc.

Marble Hydro Dip Patterns Used in BottleHydro Dipping Patterns Used in Cosmetic Brush

CHENG FENG has a series of stone and marble water transfer films patterns for your choosing, including neutral style, fresh style, deep and restrained style and others. With the rise of environmental awareness, the marble hydro printing films patterns which we provide are healthy, safety, environmentally friendly, long-lasting, non-fading, and easy to clean. If you are interested in any water transfer films or have any OMD and IMD and WTP technology questions, please feel free to contact CHENG FENG.


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