Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.

7F., No. 18, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Keelung City 202005, Taiwan

Company Introduction

November 1997 Founding of the company
January 1999 Operation began at the Port of Keelung(stevedoring,warehousing, logistics, and transportation services)
March 2005 Reinvested in Evermore International Logistics Co., Ltd. (warehousing, customs controlled storehouse, logistics, distribution and transportation)
January 2005 Port of Keelung free trade zone warehousing, logistics and forwarding service
December 2010 Operation began at the Port of Taipei (stevedoring)
December 2015 Surface and air freight express consignment service, Port of Taipei warehousing service, surface and air freight express consignment warehousing

Evermore Group has upheld the principle of offering the best quality service with the highest level of safety and efficiency, therefore the company strives to improve the employees’ on-the-job training in order to constantly refine their skills.
Faced with a fiercely competitive environment, Evermore Group pursues sustainable development and growth, thus we aim to congeal consensus and teamwork among the group’s employees, in turn fostering our positive impression and trust in society, including stakeholders such as our clients, government authorities, suppliers and the general public.
Sustainable management is the never-changing philosophy of Evermore Group, and we will uphold the concept of resource sharing to achieve cost reduction, quality improvement, versatility and thereby create a win-win situation.

Main Products

Domestic/foreign cargo (general cargo and controlled cargo) assembly, repacking, repair, exhibition and technological services
Forklifts, cranes, trailers, trucks and various heavy machinery maintenance, service and rental
1.General merchandise
Container stuffing/de-stuffing
Machinery and equipment
Offloading/loading tools

Port warehousing and logistics
Port of Keelung free trade zone
Maritime express consignments
Proprietary truck fleet