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What is RFID system and how does it work between devices?=

RFID is a wireless communication technology that writes data to RFID labels (also called RFID tags), which are then transmitted via radio waves and read by readers. It can be used to track and identify the location, status, and information of target objects, making it a new, low-cost solution for various industries.
Compared with other reading systems, RFID is currently the most advantageous reading technology. RFID systems can read multiple devices at once, and each reading time can be reduced to less than 0.5 seconds, reading distance up to 10 meters, the most important thing is that you can not use the naked eye to read data directly, for your data to maintain a certain level of privacy.

How to choose RFID tags?
RFID tags are mainly composed of integrated circuits, antennas, and protective materials, which can be used for different purposes depending on the protective materials. For example, microwave RFID labels, which can withstand microwave heat, are currently an innovative application in unattended convenience stores.

In addition, there are two types of RFID Tag, active and passive. Active RFID labels have a battery installed inside and usually last 3-5 years, and when the battery runs out of power, the whole device needs to be replaced. Active RFID labels are larger and more robust compared to passive tags and are suitable for use in devices that require durability.

Passive RFID tags rely on the energy that is delivered to the tag when it is scanned by a reader, and that energy is enough for the tag to return data to the reader again. Passive RFID tags are small, lightweight, and a more affordable option.

Arizon is an RFID labels manufacturers from Taiwan, we can introduce you to the most suitable RFID tag for you, welcome to contact us!

Arizon released the UHF RFID tag which can anti-microwave’s heating and also has applied for the patent to protect the intellectual property, all rights reserved. The AZ-V61 microwave tags match up with the MR6 series chip, it can be used widely for food that needs to be heated in the microwave. We had tested the anti-microwave tag by using an industrial-grade microwave oven of Panasonic which is always be used in convenience stores for food heating.

Arizon’s anti-microwave tag has many advantages during actual application are below.
- UHF RFID label delivers good read distance performance.
- Attach onto empty plastic bento box for heating 1min with power 1,500W.
- Attach onto bento box (4 edges) with 100g food inside for heating 3mins with power 1,500W.

If you have any microwave tags problems, we are welcome you to contact us right away!

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