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Continuous Seaweed Cutting Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Configure two workstations.
    Cut the seaweed slices in the middle and cut them into strips.
    Equipped with waterproof box and waterproof motor protection cover.
    The cut strip or cut size can be customized before ordering.
    The input speed can be con...
Fryer Oil Filter Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Remove residue during the frying process to improve product quality.
    50 micron filter mesh can efficiently filter out all residues.
    Whole machine can be water cleaned.
Continuous Multi-Layer Roaster
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Auto Temperature Control and time control.
    Adjustable speed.
    Thermal insulation design.
    Automatic flip design .
    Safety Design: prevent gas leakage、Heat insulation design、2 sets of EMG. Stops.
    Applications: Tortilla、Roti etc.
Turning Belt Conveyor
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Turn design, convenient for non-linear and small plant transportation.
    Conveyor speed is adjustable.
    Whole machine can be water cleaned.
Cooling Conveyor Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    With Axial Fan to suck the air in the room to pass through the hot food.
    Cooling Time is adjustable with variable speed controller.
    Dust Collecting room is built as shape and attached with two drainage valves.
    Whole machine can be water cleaned.
Liquid Mixing Tank
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    It can be used with BSC_PSS automatic syrup sprinkle machine.
    Equipped with automatic mixing function. The storage tank is designed as a double tank. The heating layer can be either filled with heat medium oil or water to maintain the temperature of...
Automatic Batter Coating Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Shower Type with batter bed.
    Available for both thin and thick batter.
    Recycle use the batter.
    Whole Stainless Steel Structure.
    Easy to clean. Tool-free Structure.
    All the motors are covered.
    Battering time is adjustable.
    Suitable Product: Nug...
Automatic India Chakli Former Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Whole machine is consisted of PLC control, machine shelf, dough hopper, Chakli extrude nozzle, Chakli Shape Rounding, End tail Kneader, Manual Check CV 800mm, Top Press.
    Chakli circle can be set in PLC control. Can be 2 circles, 3 circles and 4 circ...
India Vada Former Machine
  • Model No:
  • Product Description:
    Producing India Vada continuously and constantly.
    The forming head equips with a special nozzle which can make the vada shape.
    This machine equips with a swing forming head to ensure when the formed vada drop into oil fryer, they won’t overlap.
Automatic Continuous Frying Machine
  • Model No:
    MF226 ~ MF628
  • Product Description:
    External heating System
    Multi-Food can be fried. Both Float and Sink Food can be fried.
    Precise Control on the frying time and temperature. Ensure the fried food can be first in and first out.
    Easy to clean.
    Adjustable Oil Flow Speed to ensure fr...