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3F. No. 296, Nan Ping Rd., South District, Taichung 402, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Glad Evergreen was founded in 1980 in Taichung, Taiwan. From the beginning, Glad Evergreen has been focused on quality and innovation. From classic fish knives to Hollywood swords, military knives, daily knives and multi-tools, the same attention to detail is applied to every product Glad Evergreen designs and manufactures.

Glad Evergreen celebrates 40 years of manufacturing world class knives. Through our focus on continuous innovation, delivering customer satisfaction and responsible business ethics and operations, Glad Evergreen is confident in bringing quality products and service to you.

Main Products

oem/odm manufacturers/ wholesale suppliers/ company ( companies) -
1. folding knife - everyday carry (EDC) knives, multi tool knife, tactical foldable knife, pocketknife ( pocket knife, penknife).

2. fixed blade knife - outdoor Hunting knife, camping fixed-blade Knives, all-purpose utility knife, classic hunting knives, machetes, bayonets, bowie knives, bushcraft knives, combat knives, survival knives, push knives, daggers, karambits.

3. swords - Katanas, Wakizashis, Tantos, Odachis, Tachis and Shirasayas Japanese swords, samurai swords.

4. accessories of knives/swords - versatile leather belt knife sheath, single sword display stand, sword wall wooden display, metal hanging hooks, mini knife sharpener.

5. self-defense weapons - twin sais set, nunchucks, bamboo shinai, fighting sticks, handle batons, expandable batons, hand cuffs.

6. outdoor handtools - axes, shovels, saws, spears, fillet kKnives, fire starters, folding shovel.