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No. 70-7, Qingguang Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City 41466, Taiwan, R.O.C, Taiwan

Company Introduction

Torque-Tech was established since of year 2000 and is the leading torque wrenches manufacturers in Taiwan. With offering the wide range of products in torque tools, we've earned the high reputation from our global customers.

Through continuous investment in the product innovation and technology integration, as well as introducing the QC system, measuring instruments and calibration certificates, it has promoted our competence and increased our visibility in the industry.

Upholding the spirit of putting our customers first, we will keep focus on the persistent quest for quality products and take customers' satisfaction as our ultimate goal as the principles.

Main Products

Main Products-
1. Torque Wrench
2. Torque Screwdriver
3. Torque Multiplier
4. Torque Tester
5. Torque Wrench Accessories