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Company Introduction

With an aim to become one of the most reliable metal forming companies, our company founder engaged in metal powder metallurgy manufacturing in 1989 and has been enthusiastic and sparing no effort in this area ever since. Thus, Jinholly Co., Ltd. has founded in 2004 accordingly.

Under the changes of the big environment, our company successively invested in metal injection molding (MIM) factories and precision investment casting factories in cross-industry alliances between 2007 and 2010, aiming to offer more high-quality custom metal forming services for customers.

In 2012, our company added aluminum alloy machining plants and cold and hot forging plants that we have gradually diversified from the production of single items to the areas of other metals laterally.

Our company selects the most competitive manufacturing solutions for customers through professional assessments, and creates one-stop services through vertical integration of upstream and downstream industries. From the design and development of precision molds, CNC lathing, CNC machining and numerous processing plants with different expertise (such as drilling and tapping, grinding, heat treatment, polishing, surface treatment, electroplating, etc.) to the final stage of quality inspection and packaging, we can satisfy a diverse range of customer needs, thereby helping customers reduce costs and realizing highly efficient, high-quality services.

Jinholly Metal Forming Companies’ Business Philosophy
Integrity :Do everything well with a sincere and faithful attitude.
Professionalism :Improve the professional competence of our team by continuously pursuing new knowledge, and integrate resources for customers to create higher values from products.
Service :Take respect as a virtue in establishing good communication with customers to perform services based on mutual trusts.

Main Products

OEM/ODM Processing Services-
* Powder Metallurgy (PM)
* Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
* Lost Wax Casting
* Aluminum Alloy Machining Processing
* Custom Forging Processing
* Metal Punch Stamping