A One-stop Solution Supplier for Metalwork Machining Services

No. 470, Sec. 3, Yatan Rd., Taichung City, Daya Dist. 428405, Taiwan

Company Introduction

World Known Precision Industry Co., Ltd. (WKPT), located in Taichung City, Taiwan, is a metalworking supplier. Our core manufacturing technology is multi-process metalworking, including the machining of iron and aluminum, surface treatment, and semi-finished-product forming technology. WKPT can be involved in the product design stage and offer the most suitable product solution with a one-stop service to increase customer stickiness.

WKPT is a metalworking expert in high-mix, low-volume requests from global major brands, products applied to automotive parts, green energy parts, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery parts, etc. The terminal sales products include brake backplanes, turbochargers and accessories, flywheel housing, swing arm housing, exhaust manifold, bracket, spindle, wind power brake system parts, and various industrial machinery components and machined parts, etc.

Apart from production, WKPT has established a production technology department and a product proofing line for metal rapid prototyping development and sample capabilities, which can meet customer requirements at different stages. We also leverage cost advantage from upstream suppliers and improve supply chain integration, which can effectively control product costs and increase product marginal profit.

WKPT's precision machining service is offered to the United States, Europe, Japan, and other countries. Its main customers include Cummins, the world's largest diesel engine manufacturer, KOMATSU, a Japanese construction machinery manufacturer, AGCO, an American agricultural machinery manufacturer, and KAWASAKI, a British hydraulic pump parts manufacturer, and many more renowned customers.

Main Products

A one-stop solution for multiprocess metal machining, cast iron machining, aluminum alloy machining, stainless steel machining, carbon steel machining, surface treatment, semi-finished-product forming, etc.