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Detail Information

Description :

In the realm of industrial manufacturing, the metal processing industry encompasses critical processes like material forming, parts machining, and surface treatment. To meet the increasing demand for high-precision parts, modern metal processing leverages CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools to overcome the complexities and precision challenges posed by traditional lathes and milling machines.

Specification :

WKPT total metalworking solution includes the following stages:

Starting with part model verification or prototype samples, we proceed to source specific metal materials and conduct mold design and casting molding for metal forming. Subsequently, we develop clamps and jigs before commencing CNC machining. The process culminates in surface treatment, assembly, welding, and thorough verification. WKPT’s metal processing solution is a comprehensive evaluation of the entire process, offering turnkey services that encompass production management, digital monitoring, quality control, and technology optimization.

Emphasizing Smart Manufacturing and Real-time Monitoring

Our service value goes beyond traditional metalworking by enhancing capacity utilization and production yield through real-time production and quality monitoring. By integrating smart manufacturing infrastructure, we advance metal processing from mechanization and digitization to intelligentization.

Versatile Machining Capabilities for Flexible Production

WKPT’s metalworking solution encompasses a wide array of machining capabilities, allowing us to accommodate flexible production requirements and adapt to customer needs using production line data.

Experience the Power of Total Metalworking Solutions with WKPT

With our total precision metalworking solutions, WKPT empowers industrial manufacturing with a seamless and efficient metal processing journey. From concept to delivery, our expertise, advanced technologies, and commitment to smart manufacturing elevate the precision, quality, and productivity of your projects.


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