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New Automotive Parts Machining Solution


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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: West Europe , East Europe , North America , South America

Detail Information

Description :

WKPT leads as Taiwan's primary supplier of machining parts for commercial vehicles, standing as a beacon of automotive innovation. With over 70% of on-site parts dedicated to commercial vehicles, our specialization centers on chassis and brake system machining.

Specification :

Diverse Machining Range:
Unveil an array of essential components for commercial vehicles in our machining parts lineup. From shock absorber supports to wheel hubs, our expertise spans multi-material machining and encompasses surface treatment, heat treatment, and blank forming. Collaboration with customers drives development, earning recognition from major brands and establishing us as a certified high-quality manufacturer.

Eco-Friendly Machining Solutions:
WKPT addresses eco-friendliness and energy efficiency’s pivotal role in commercial vehicles. Weight reduction is key to enhancing fuel efficiency and curbing emissions. Through innovative methods like high-strength ductile casting and forging, we optimize components such as turbo housing and brackets, delivering eco-friendly and energy-efficient vehicle parts through comprehensive machining services.

Advancing Electric Car Parts:
Aligned with the electric vehicle revolution, WKPT commits to electric component development. As nations pledge net-zero emissions and fuel cars phase out, we actively design electric bus brakes, servo motor housing, and more. Our smart automation manufacturing advances superior solutions for the electric vehicle industry.

Experience Automotive Innovation with WKPT:
Partner with WKPT to access cutting-edge automotive parts machining solutions. Our dedication to innovation, eco-friendliness, and superior quality propels us into the dynamic industry. Join us in shaping a greener and more sustainable automotive future through advanced metalworking solutions.


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