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Wireless Pet Immune PIR Motion Detectors

wireless pet immune PIR

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

This PIR motion detector is specially designed for providing space protection in a wireless security system. It detects the movement of human body heat within its effective coverage and removes possible signal from home pet like dogs and cats; thus when an intruder crosses or enters the area, the resulting change in infrared energy from the intruder will be detected and an alarm signal will transmit to the Base Unit. It will not activate the alarm system when a pet is less than 60cm high and under 18kg.

Specification :

1. Estimated battery life: 2 years @ actuated 40 times/day. 2. Supervision: sends heartbeat signal at 60-minute interval. When temper or low battery condition is detected, it reports automatically. 3. Cover area: (1) Angle: 110 degrees. (2) Effective distance: Max. 12m @ ambient temp. 25 degrees. 4. Power: AAA alkaline batteryx2. 5. Detector: dual element, RFI immunity: ave. 20V/m (10~10000 MHZ). 6. Sensitivity: pulse count- 2 or 4 pulses selectable. 7. Size: 66x112x45 mm. 8. Weight ( w/o battery): about 86g.

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