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Thermoelectric Coolers And Warmers

thermoelectric cooler

  • Model No: CM-P301
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Cools down to -5oC and heats up to 80 oCin a matter of minutes.
2. No compressor, no cold charcoal, low noise (environmentally friendly).
3. With the new technology it can cool down and heat up faster than other similar products.
4. Just set the thermostat to the desired temperature (-5oC ~80 oC) to fit all your needs.
5. Plug into your car's 12 volt DC power outlet. (24V excluded)
6. Low power consumption (70W)
7. Beautiful design, compact size and it's easy to use. There are also a nightlight and a fan light.
8 You can warm up baby food or milk with it.
9. Take the convenience of cold / warm drinks when you are "on-the-go".
10. You can have cold/warm towels in the office, at home and in the car. (Use wet towels only)
11. It's ideal for keeping cosmetics. No need to worry about bad smells in the refrigerator.
12. It can be used in clinics or keeping medications at home.
13. You can warm up your lunch box or even soup in the office.
14. This product remains the same condition and functions at 80oC.
15. Product liability insurance of 20,000,000 dollars.

Specification :

1. Contents:
(1) Cooler / warmer, 1 cigarette connecting cord, 1 holder, 1 instruction manual.
(2) Screws, 1 prevent bumping bag, 1 year warranty (under normal use).
2. Specification:
(1) Main body: 22 cm (d) 27 cm (w) 35 cm (h).
(2) After packing: 24 cm (d) 29 cm (w) 37 cm (h).
(3) 1 cigarette connecting cord (155 cm).
(4) Net weight: 3.6kg.
(5) Weight after package: 4.2kg.
(6) Material contents: ABS outer shell, a motor for heat. dissipation, a fan, semiconductor, super-conducting components, Ic , a thermostat, LED temperature display.
(7) Color: apple green, sapphire blue (royal blue).

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