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Single-Sink Stainless Steel Packaging Machines

single sink stainless steel

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. Unit:
Upper and down vacuum sinks are molded by single thick stainless steel, high-density, and lower horsepower motor is saving electricity. Sand blasting and electrolysis processing, exterior appearance is durable and attractive.
2. Control panel:
Hit-resisting and insulation, moisture-proof, and 10 groups of touchable IC controlled memory. Duo-color numerical control mode, setting mode is the green and action mode is read. Motor overload demonstration, seal broken warming and movement unusual signal.

Specification :

1. Sealing section: Top sealing section is aluminum crowding, anode lighting and corrosion prevention processing. Wave shape heat-resisting silica gel sealing section seals more stable and artistic. Four layers of aluminum foils bags also may be sealed tight. Both copper sides have spring designed to make seal lines stronger during heating up and expansion. Both heat-resisting sides installed protection board to make heat-resisting cloth not wrinkle, more durable, and reduces material waste.

2. Patent printing apparatus: Printing date, weight and serial number during sealing.

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